Memes are used for a multitude of purposes. Sometimes they’re crafted to be as relatable as possible, reflecting our own experiences back to us. Sometimes they’re designed to be satirical jabs or witty take downs of some person or some idea; a clever commentary on a popular topic of conversation. Sometimes they’re a celebration of an interest or a fandom. And sometimes, they’re just nonsense. Just pure, absurdist nonsense. And if I’m being honest, those are my favorite kind hands down.

So I hope you’ll enjoy these ten absurd memes just as much as I did.

10. Gotta go fast

Ain’t no rush when you’re gettin’ that slush.

9. Milking it

All body shapes are beautiful, it’s what’s inside that counts.

8. You’ve done it again

I don’t think this is remotely true but that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh.

7. Truth in advertising

At least we know that we can trust him.

6. Dirty jobs

That horse didn’t sign up for this. That horse didn’t even sign up to be a horse.

5. Doing OK

I don’t know if I can even pan-handle this.

4. Getting loko

[Uncle Kracker music intensifies]

3. Putin’ on airs

Eat your heart out, conspiracy theorists.

2. Building relationships

These are the self-defeated cycles that get the best of all of us.

1. Moon walking

The earth may not revolve around me, but at least the moon does.

Now that’s the kind of nonsense that I am here for.

What’s your favorite genre of meme?

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