Thank you for joining us today, friends. Please, be seated.

We are gathered here now to partake in the various blessings that the internet has seen fit to bestow on us this day.

We know not, from hour to hour, what the net shall giveth nor what it shall taketh away.

We only know that we eagerly await its bounty, as the gifts it sends are a source of life for all.


Now look at these memes, why don’t ya.

10. The two winners

They’re good dogs, Brent.

9. I see you now

Pretty big plot hole is you ask me.

8. Bright and social

It me.

7. Type it

Oh, to live in this person’s head for a day.

6. Brush up

I feel like you’re asking the wrong questions, Sam.

5. Mint condition

Honestly my guy what did you think she meant?

4. The cursed child

This is the problem with stories that use magic – they should be way too easy to resolve.

3. Rob

Hey, asked and answered I guess. RIP Yahoo Answers.

2. Cod of duty

That’s one way to get someone’s attention. Maybe don’t publicly confess though.

1. Warm wishes

Social media is just absolutely wild.

And thus, renewed in mind and in spirit, we close our internets for the day. Peace be with you.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.