We’ve all thought about what we might say to our younger selves if we had the chance. What advice or warning or encouragement we might give to help ourselves along our path. But it’s not just a wistful exercise; the things we might say to our younger selves could prove useful to the folks who are, right now, where we used to be.

That was the thinking behind a thread started by twitter user and business owner @amy_riveter.

She asked:

More than 2,000 responses flooded in, with a lot of common threads.

Here are some examples of the types of things that came up a lot:

10. Give yourself a break

9. Always negotiate

8. Don’t put up with abuse

7. Take time for family

6. Seek mentors

5. Think of the larger context

4. Stay full

3. Let change happen

2. Don’t doubt yourself

1. Make it official

What pieces of advice would you like to give to someone on your path? Any mistakes they could avoid?

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