Have you ever been pranked so good that you couldn’t even be mad? I mean, you were probably still a little bit mad, but there was also some respect in there. That’s how we feel seeing these expert examples of trolling. Are they infuriating? Yes. But they’re also quite inspiring.

1. That’s just cruel.

2. You wanted mystery, didn’t you?

3. They got you there.

4. Burn.

Photo Credit: Reddit: birdsh^t_

5. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Photo Credit: Pikabu

6. This would get our hearts racing.

Photo Credit: Pikabu

7. That’s…not what we meant.

Photo Credit: Imgur: katemichelle

8. Can’t be mad at that.

Photo Credit: Twitter: JA dot BE

9. Watch your step!

Photo Credit: Reddit: dryst04

10. “Hey, is this Debbie’s?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: johnny0

11. They’re lucky they didn’t get fired.

Photo Credit: Reddit: nomdeweb

12. “Ugh, now we have to reset the counter.”

Photo Credit: Imgur