A close friendship is one of the greatest things a person can ask for. But what happens when the boundaries of that friendship start to slip and slide and become a little less clear?

Or what happens when that’s what you find yourself WANTING in your head.

When the person you hang out with becomes the person you desire, the dynamic can change quite a bit. Do you risk it all and go after it? Do you play it safe and keep what you have? How can you keep going? Will these feelings pass or just grow?

These are the things doubtlessly rattling around in the heads of the people who wrote these confessions.

10. Face facts

I mean, one dream doesn’t necessarily mean much.

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9. Owned

Well that is a very specific dynamic you’re wanting.

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8. Well, now he knows

Doesn’t sound like you’re trying very hard to keep it from him.

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7. What do you want

Seems like he’s maybe not sure what he wants either.

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6. The other side

Why not both?

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5. Dark fantasies

How dark are we talkin’ here?

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4. Make a move

Are you afraid of what might happen?

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3. When you’re around

Dang confusing feelings.

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2. Hold on

Or maybe he IS getting that sense…

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1. Even if…

The addiction is real.

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To all the hopelessly crushing out there, we’re with you. Do what you gotta do.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What was it like?

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