Common sense just ain’t that common. It’s the truth, sadly.

And these customers clearly are missing the point and they don’t understand how stuff works.

Maybe how anything works. Take a look at these people. God help us.

1. Life-size?

You mean… a human?

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Not weed

Okay… it weed. lol.

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Face palm

That person much have been high AF!

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Just about half empty

I mean, that makes sense, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Hmmmm

I didn’t realize they made them that big! WOW!

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. Yes. Yes it is.

This is definitely a USER error.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Didn’t know that, huh?

You’ve lived your whole life without this knowledge, have you?

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Hahahaha

Well, at least your gift will be transparent!

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. It can…

If you have a brain.

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. Nice try

That’s a pro move right there!

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Sit and wait

Now that is some epic trolling.

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. Big leaf

Hahaha… do these people know how food works?

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Much better

Okay, bye!!!!

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SMH in a major way. Because what were these people thinking?

Yeah, you know that saying of the customer always being right? So… that needs to change after reading these stories, right? I mean, clearly these folks are WAY out of bounds.

Have any stories like this you would like to share? I know we’ve got some retail folks who read this site because I’ve read your comments before.

Share those in the comments! Please and thank you!