Sometimes, funny tweets are funny in a painful sort of way. It’s like spicy food; it hurts so good that despite the pain you just keep coming back for more. If you’ve got a dark, ironic sense of humor, this is the kind of tweet for you.

Enjoy this good-bad list of wince-inducing lulz via the tortured souls of Twitter.

10. Origin stories

If you didn’t do this, you’re too confident of a person.

9. Doing great

I love paying someone $120/hour to pretend I don’t have anything to pay them for.

8. High standards

Ah, the classic empty gesture parenting style.

7. Lasagna fills the void

This cat has been around for over 40 years and we’re just now realizing this subtext?

6. Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

I assume after this you sank into the floor and became one with the earth.

5. Pixar predictions

To be fair, we all want to live in space on those zoomy chairs.

4. The wild west

The honest to God irony of this is that I’m not even sure this guy was the first one to tweet this.

3. Slipped my mind

I shouldn’t laugh at this I shouldn’t laugh at this I shouldn’t laugh at this…

2. Powerful memories

I’m gonna need to stop you right there.

1. Safe words

This is entirely too hardcore for me.

Now that you’ve had a good cathartic laugh/cry/cry-laugh, you’ve got the refreshed energy you’ll need to take on your day! Or maybe you’re just really bummed. In which case…yeah, our bad. Go eat some ice cream.

What’s your favorite darkly funny tweet?

Tell us about it in the comments.