Do you have a BIG appetite for tweets? Do you just want to eat ’em up all day?

Well, that’s weird. You should talk to someone about that. Your diet needs attention and you probably keep breaking your phones when you bite them.

But if you’re just into READING funny tweets, that we can help you with. We’ve got a bunch right here! Just, yanno, try not to lick your screen or whatever. Ya weirdo.

Here’s ten tasty tweets that you can’t actually taste.

10. Hot ticket items

“I’m also told that you’re keeping monsters in closets? This is gonna be an expensive write-up.”

9. Upper crust

When I was a kid I called it the “pizza bone.”

8. No bones about it

There’s nothing humerus about this.

7. Loaves and wishes

Eating bread and butter is my bread and butter.

6. Say wat?

And can we stop it with this “medium power setting” crap? There’s no button for that, shut up.

5. Absolutely hysterical

History has been a lot of fun.

4. Spray anything

You are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

3. Spider man

If this logic holds up than I am somehow a very tall building in disguise.

2. Doggy positivity

If you don’t call your dog “nakey” at least once a day are you even a pet owner?

1. Market inflation

Kids these days will never understand the simple things.

Ah, delicious and filling. What a wonderful tweet treat to take a little break with.

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