I had a friend when I was growing up and his dog always F*ke limped around the house so we would all for sorry for him.

It was quite amusing, but I didn’t realize how widespread it was. Because all of these people have had similar situations with their pets, and the stories are really hilarious.

Let’s take a look at some of these funny tales of dramatic cats and dogs who pretty much convinced their owners they were on their way out.

1. Hunger strike.

I guess you better keep your boyfriend around more.

2. Lost a fight.

I mean… cats have feelings too!

3. Making herself sick.

Now that is a b**ch move.

4. That’s the reason?

Silly cat is silly.


5. No more faucet drinking for you.

You big f**king baby! Jeez…

6. Traumatized by the thing under the trailer.

I mean, but have you see a possum at night? They’re pretty crazy.

7. That’ll do it.

Damn kid… that’s some stiff competition for attention.

8. Which one should I limp on?

I can’t believe they can process it like this? That little scamp!

9. You just need to f*rt.

Can you imagine you believing they were going to die… and he just farts?

Those tweets are hysterical!

Have any of your pets ever done things like this?

If so, please, please, please, share with us in the comments!