It’s easy to start to feel like a screw-up. Like you’re doing everything wrong. Then you see a collection of actual fails and think to yourself “Oh. Maybe I’m doing ok.”

Schadenfreude is a German word that literally means “damage-joy,” it means the sense of pleasure that can come from watching someone else fail. Obviously that can be a pretty nasty thing, but it can also be lighthearted. Here’s a few great examples of that feeling at its best.

10. Something doesn’t add up

9. Friendship is…magic?

8. To be fair, he was high at the time

7. Not how clocks work but ok

6. Happy Birthday!

5. See if you can spot the problem

4. She’s technically not wrong

3. At least there’s no raisins

2. Classical speed metal

1. At least you know it’s valid

There, now that I’ve got a peek at some other failures, I feel better at having spilled an entire carton of leftover spaghetti on my last pair of clean pants today.

At least I didn’t write about it on the internet for everybody to see. That would be embarrassing.

What’s your biggest fail been lately?

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