Feeling bored? You’re not alone. Out of boredom, I just searched the word “bored” on Twitter and got 65 results that were posted in the last minute alone. That’s more than one boredom per second. The irony is that when people tweet about being bored, it’s often the opposite of boring.

Here are ten tweets about being bored that should make you feel less bored. Or at the very least, less alone in your boredom. #solidarity

10. Don’t look at me

Why do this? So we can talk about nothing faster?

9. Go directly to jail

How did a game that absolutely nobody likes become so popular anyway?

8. Switch things up!

Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s good.

7. “Shave”

This is some next level tedium.


6. I’ll drink to that

Shoot your shot, we’re not here to judge.

5. No more walkies

Even a doggo has his limits.


4. You can’t handle the tooth

Talkin’ smack and cleanin’ plaque.

3. Because I got high

The fact that you’re answering your own questions also supports this theory.


2. Utter defeat

I’ve rarely given up as hard as this cat has.


1. Cruisin’

Go enjoy that industry that definitely still exists!

Boredom is a powerful drug. It can drive us crazy, make us lazy, or sometimes, push us to go try or do something we’ve been putting off. So if you’re horribly bored right now, think of something you’ve been meaning to do that’s within your grasp, and just do it. By the end of the day, you may still feel bored, but at least you’ll also feel accomplished.

Either that or go watch The Office again, whatever, I’m not your dad.

What do you do to alleviate boredom?

Tell us in the comments.