According to Pew research, the majority of the most active/top Twitter users in the U.S. are women. It’s no surprise, then, that the platform is a great place to find hilarious stuff made by and for women; sometimes for advocacy, or education, or connection, and sometimes just for laughs.

So without any further ado from me, scroll through and check out this collection of 10 great tweets from the women of Twitter to make you laugh today.

10. Hunger pain

My one thing in common is that neither of us have been in a mall since 2005.

9. A matter of perspective

The front camera knows all. It stares into our souls.

8. Gee thanks

A lot of days that’s quite an accomplishment.

7. The long itch

I feel like I shouldn’t be seeing Moana like this.

6. Navel gazing

Oh, there’s more gut where that came from, trust me.

5. Double jeopardy

This tweet is making me think there’s a lot about the swimsuit industry I don’t know.

4. To be clear

I just roll around in the stuff, to be safe.

3. Ready or not

If only I could have seen this coming.

2. Times change

And once it’s on the internet, it is eternal.

1. Sad but true

It’s important to have this kind of consistency.

Granted that’s only 10 tweets out of the bajillions of new ones that are being added every single day, so maybe go do some looking around and find some more funny folks to follow and support. After all, they’re giving us this entertainment for free!

Who are your favorite women to follow on Twitter right now?

Tell us in the comments.