Ask yourself this question: what do you want out of a relationship?

If marriage is the ultimate goal, and you know the other person isn’t willing to marry you, what do you do? Especially if you still want to be with them?

These 11 women share their stories and reveal what happened when he didn’t want to tie the knot.

1. You’ve gotta do what ya gotta do.

You got off easy for just wasting 4 years, though.

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2. If you guys have kids and you’re building a life together… it’s time for marriage.

Get a ring on it, gurl!

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3. Therapy time! Paging any available therapist!

These two need help immediately!

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4. Really? It’s that superficial?

Better to just find a new person. There are billions of them.

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5. If that’s how you feel, then you’ve gotta move on.

No time like the present to find somebody new.

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6. Self esteem alert!

Gotta get yourself some more of that self esteem, yo!

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7. Well, you have to respect his wishes. But you can move on.

And move on, you should!

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8. Is that the only reason? There has to be more…

Well, maybe you’re somebody else’s “one” instead?

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9. Family issues can have lasting effects…

So you can give him a bit of a break?

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10. Ugh. Unsupportive parents are the worst…

Time to get to a therapist.

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Ladies, here’s some sage advice… if you want something for your life and he doesn’t, it’s time to move on.

Sorry! Not sorry.

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