I love sentences like “my tweet is really blowing up,” because they’re the kind of things that would have been absolute gibberish just 10 years ago but now we all understand. I don’t remember what we did before we sat on our phones trading jokes on a micro-blogging site all day hoping to create a hit, and frankly, I don’t want to remember.

Of course, not every hilarious tweet makes it to superstar status. Enjoy this trove of some hits and hidden gems from the world of Twitter.

10. Stop, isolate and listen

9. All Good Bois Go to Heaven

8. “This is my personal time, Kevin.”

7. It’s only 700 blocks away

6. I’m a walking warning

5. At least I’m recycling

4. Snap, crackle, ouch


3. I’m in this post and I don’t like it

2. My anxiety has anxiety

1. Asking the real questions

Check out those users for some more funnies. Bless them with your likes and retweets, so that the Twitter comedy economy may continue.

Who’s your favorite funny twitter personality?

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