You ever think about the people who made your life miserable when you were a kid, and what they might be up to now?

The natural assumption is that they’re probably out there just making someone else’s life miserable, but that’s not always true. The turns that a person’s life will take can be quite surprising, as evidenced by a recent Twitter thread that attracted quite a lot of attention.

It started when producer Tze Chun wondered:

And some of the answers were…well, a little surprising:

10. Let me guide you

Guess they stayed in school, huh?

9. What a twist

These are origin/transformation stories that I can get behind.

8. Making amends

You don’t get much more fully redemptive than this.

7. Feel the power

Here’s hoping it’s a legitimate one!

6. The plot thickens

A long way to go toward a pretty happy ending.

5. Bitter sweet

Hats off to him, I say.

4. Getting into therapy

There’s um…there’s a lot going on here.

3. Keeping the faith

Can’t tell if this is a good sign or a really awful one.

2. Be the change

It can be hard to let things go, but sometimes we really need to.

1. Simply put

We need a little less hate in the world.

Not all stories are this rosy of course, but it’s important to remember that, given the chance, some people truly will choose to change for the better.

What are your past bullies up to these days?

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