In a lot of ways, the early 2000s were a simpler time. Reality TV was just barely starting to be a thing, you had to type like 10 numbers to text one word to your friends, and being sad and mopey was a whole personality (hey former emo kids).

If you kinda wish you could go back in time to that era, these 10 items are a nice second choice. They are so early 2000s it’s unreal.

10. An American Idol Playstation 2 Game:

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. A Rugrats bowling ball:

Photo Credit: Facebook

7. A Shrek LG flip phone:

Photo Credit: eBay

6. A Britney Spears inflatable chair!!!!:

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. A Netflix disc for your Wii:

Photo Credit: Facebook

4. A toothbrush that only plays one song and it’s by Ashley Tisdale:

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. A Hot Wheels-themed desktop computer (plus bonus CD case):

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. EmoBob:

Photo Credit: Roblox

2. A Britney Spears phone case for a Nokia phone:

Photo Credit: Instagram

1. Shrek waffle sticks!!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Time to go do some shopping.