I love to eat trash. Do you love to eat trash? Can we be friends?!

No, but let’s face it… there’s so much easily bought, easily eaten, deliciously bad garbage food out there for us. It’s almost impossible to resist to sneak in a little trash snack every day. Because why not? I got up and took a shower today. I deserve a break!

Btw, you can fill up on all these jokes, because they’re guilt free!

10. Know your market…

9. Pizza really is beautiful tho…

8. Flair is important.

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7. Probably just a phase…

Photo Credit: Twitter/ashleyaustrew

6. Right??!

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5. I don’t advise eating the green stuff.

4. Good point.

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3. Poetic, in fact.


Photo Credit: tomche.tumblr.com

1. Literally me.

Yum! Now that was satisfying. And I already feel thinner!