There’s a fun word I like to use: “nontroversy.” I wish I could attribute it to whomever first coined it, but honestly I can’t remember where I heard it. A nontroversy is a non-controversy, or, if you prefer, a nonsense controversy. My favorite nontroversy in recent memory is whether the “Karen” meme should be considered some kind of slur. You’ll catch think pieces and posts about it that are difficult to pars* out; are they serious? Are they joking? Who would actually be upset about this?

To demonstrate the hilarity and thorough harmlessness of the Karen meme, here are some Karen tweets that should make just about anybody laugh, no matter their swoopy hairstyle. Some of them don’t even use the “Karen” as a punchline, but more of a comedic flourish.

10. This is my fight song

9. Every Karen needs a Floyd

8. Supply and demand, Karen

7. I was told there would be yarn

6. You’re losing kitchen privileges

5. More at 11

4. I’d like to bark at your manager

3. A natural disaster

2. Thing cost money!?

1. Such a Leo thing to say

If you don’t want to be seen as a Karen, the first step is probably not taking Karen jokes too seriously.

Which one is your favorite?

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