Kids are just kinda the best. They’ve got minds like little lawyers and inventors, always trying new things and then coming up with exactly why they should be able to do them.

The other day my three year old niece had discovered a fun new came that consisted mostly of running as fast and recklessly as she could around furniture and stuff. “Stop,” I said, “you’re gonna fall down.”

“No i not.”
“Yes, you are, you’re gonna fall down and hurt yourself.”
“Well if i do i not gonna cry.”

I think that was her way of telling me “Whatever old man, I understand the risks, it won’t be your problem, let me live my life.”

You gotta admire that. Just like you gotta admire these kids, whose exploits were catalogued on Instagram.

10. The Taco

This stranger kid just asking for food. And it works?

9. The Water Trick

You get to do this once, twice, as a child and that’s it. If I catch you as a grown up pulling this, we’re gonna have words.

8. The Tech Genius

We got a future little Bill Gates over here, I tell ya what.

7. The Water RC

I don’t think that would actually work but I like where your head’s at.

6. The Bowl Wrangler

Hey, it makes sense.

5. The Ultimate Prank

She’s a shoe-in.

4. The Last Bite

Pro tip: do this with your last meal in prison, live forever.

3. From the Jump

Again, I doubt the effectiveness but I commend the spirit.

2. The Dark Side of the Spoon

The Fork is strong with this one. Er…spoon. I don’t know, there’s something there, come back to me.

1. Chocolate Coolers

Well yeah, what did you THINK they were for?

Kids really say and invent the darndest things.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard from a kid?

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