Let’s face it: cynicism gets boring.

It’s fun to indulge in our sardonic snark for a while, but eventually, even the most hardened among us needs to embrace the positive.

I haven’t had a great week. Maybe you haven’t either. But you know what, we’ve got this. No matter how tough it gets, there is always hope. And there are always memes.

Here’s some specially curated positivity memes with accompanying affirmations to make them all the sweeter. Meditate on them. Or just smile.

10. You Are Supported

9. You Are Accomplished

8. You Are Appreciated

7. You Are Bright

6. You Are Working On It

5. You Are Loved

4. You Are Getting Better

3. You Are Surrounded by Beauty

2. You Are Custom-Made

1. You Are Not Limited by Your Body

So if you’ve been having a bad time, maybe reach out to a friend today. You might be surprised how many people will show up in force just to make you smile.

What’s the best piece of affirmation you’ve received lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.