Have you ever just been single for so long that you forget that there are any other options? If so, a lot of us can relate. The internet has revolutionized the dating world, but it has also revolutionized the griping-about-not-being-able-to-make-the-dating-world-work…world. Sometimes that manifests itself in pretty toxic ways, other times, it’s just good ol’ memes.

Enjoy these 10 memes about being single. Laugh at them by yourself and then decide how you feel about that.

10. Tree huggers

Even plants find me clingy.

9. Goin’ it alone

I’d take money over most things these days.

8. Consistency

In these wild times, there are still a few constants on which we can rely.

7. False advertising

It was me…at some point…

6. What’s mine is mine

The ordering process is amazingly simpler.

5. Six foot fever

A subtle but important distinction.

4. Introverts unite

Same, Whoopie, same.

Source: The Cut

3. Who is she

You can’t even handle my signature moves.

2. Give me a sign

You have to literally hit me with a brick.

1. Sweet release

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of why we’re here.

If you (like me) are single right now, raise a glass. Then clink it with nobody but your damn self and drink that thing, cause nobody tells us what to do. Go wherever you want. F*rt in bed all night. Built a blanket fort. We are free I tell you, free!

What’s the best/worst thing about being single?

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