I’m trying to expand my horizons. Broaden my thinking. So this is part 2 of my presentation on memes that I, as a guy, am not expected to get.

Let’s see how well I can relate.

10. Ohhhhhhh… THAT’S what those are called!

9. For me it’s video games, but I get it!

8. No, this I don’t get…

7. This is far beyond gender for sure!

6. Guilty.

5. @ me next time…

4. I aspire to this confidence!

3. Replace “woman” with “man” and it me?

2. For me it was My Chemical Romance…

1. Hey. I love cats!

Okay, I’m a guy and I honestly need to remember the last time I washed my hair now. Thanks a lot memes!!

Alright, enough self-shame… what kind of memes should I look into next to expand my horizons?

Let me know in the comments!