I came across a collection of memes that claimed they wouldn’t be funny to men.

Now, full disclosure, I myself am a men. I’m very a men. But you know what? I say challenge accepted.

Let’s go through these memes and see if I get it.

10. I have like 2 pairs of jeans, so…

9. I think this is actually true of most superheroes

8. Definitely mysterious-Victorian-widow vibes

7. I gave up a while ago

6. You have played God

5. This is an issue that transcends gender

4. Nothing wrong with that

3. I will gladly be your ally

2. I mean, fair

1. I was recently called “a young Santa Claus”

Ladies, what else am I missing out on? Because I think I got at least 2.3 of these memes.

Let me know in the comments!