We all consume so much media it might as well be our job description. As a result, more and more of us would like to fancy ourselves sophisticated critics, displaying our high-level of media literacy and biting insights into what the plebs are into.

Nobody does that better than these memes, though. This is some of the greatest and truest commentary on pop culture entertainment you’re likely to find anywhere on the internet. Read on, and enrich your mind.

10. Cats (2019)

You can’t seriously claim that we didn’t ask for this.

9. The Office

If this show is ever removed from Netflix the economy will collapse.

8. Batman

He’s here to keep order…an order of fries.

7. Nirvana

Too soon? Still?

6. GoldenEye 007

That is the face of a man who knows too much.

5. PS5

You controllers and your slight differences disgust me.

4. Monty Python / Game of Thrones

At least it will save them from a horrendous ending disappointment.

3. Lord of the Rings

We’ve had first picture, yes, but what about second picture?

2. The Legend of Zelda

This is regressive retconning and I won’t stand for it.

1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

If America has taught us anything, it’s that knowing about something is no prerequisite to talking about it.

Far beyond the common hot take, these are the kinds of considered criticisms that will shape the way we see media in our culture for decades to come. Thank you, scholars of the internet, for sharing your wisdom.

What’s your lofty opinion on a thing you saw?

Do enlighten us in the comments.