Relationships are messy. You put a lot of time and attention into someone, and then eventually, usually, it ends. That can be a tricky feeling. Like having a phantom limb. Something you got used to just isn’t there anymore and now you’re not quite sure how to move around.

This is where the temptation to fall back in hits. As we know, this temptation must be resisted. If you need help with that right now, here are 10 principles in meme form to remind you why you shouldn’t text your ex back.

You’re welcome.

10. They’re messing with someone else right now

9. It’s not just them you’re dealing with

8. You already did all that photoshopping

7. They’re not as appealing as they seem

6. You might accidentally pull a creep move

5. You’re gonna end up having THESE conversations

4. They’re busy getting theirs

3. They clearly can’t be trusted

2. You don’t need this shade

1. Turns out numbers are easy to block

There, now. With these memes to give you strength you can make it through another night without regret-texting.

Stay strong out there. Relationships come and go, but memes are forever.

What’s your best strategy for getting over an ex?

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