Most people these days are having fewer kids, but some just can’t help put pop out people at an alarming pace.

These 10 moms are killing it, despite all the challenges that come with having so many children!

Enjoy these stories!

1. Yikes!

You need to increase that by at least a few more.

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2. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

How many months have you had off from not being preggers? Wow!

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3. I’m sure you can find SOMEBODY…

Or maybe multiple somebodies. Yikes!

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4. Haha, I don’t think you’re being literal…

It’s better to get that info out of the way sooner rather than later.

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5. Wow. That is A LOT to take in…

Maybe tell your cheating hubby that you need a break and see how he reacts.

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6. I LOVE this idea!

It’s always so important to make sure they know they’re special.

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7. You really lucked out!

I mean, you must have some REALLY strong genetics, yeah?

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8. Yeah you do!

Compare to everybody else, you’re an absolute expert!

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9. Everybody’s different. Don’t judge just b/c you’re a super mom!

But… real talk… you rock!

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10. Boom! You got this!

Look at all that darn hustle! Impressive.

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Are you a mommy with more than 5 kids? What’s is it really like? Do you feel overwhelmed or are you fully in control?

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