Raise your hand if you like reading funny random Tumblr stuff. Ok, keep them up for a minute so I can count. Looks like that’s…yup, everybody in the world! And what luck, because we’ve got a great list of funny random Tumblr stuff right here!

Take these Tumblr tidbits and enjoy yourselves.

10. Unusual peace

Hey, it’s less expensive than all this therapy.


9. The great cover up

This is a long way to go for a bit, but the bit might in fact be worth it.


8. Academic premonitions

Sounds like you’re subconscious was throwing some serious shade at you.


7. A pirate’s life for me

They’ve outsmarted us with CC now.


6. Biting wit

I think it’s safe to say that this person missed their calling.


5. Who watches the wash, man?

I don’t super duper trust the noises they make either.


4. Hoist the main sales

If you’re gonna get greedy, we’re gonna leave speedy.


3. Bye bye bi

This meme might as well be chiseled onto a tablet for posterity at this point.


2. Digestive dialects

Your stomach is more cultured than my entire body.


1. The shape of things

Do triangles flirt by using three pick-up lines?


Whenever people ask me why I spend so much time scrolling randomly through Tumblr, I look them in the eye and say, “I don’t understand the question.”

Then I slowly push them out of my office and close the door so I can keep scrolling. It’s just a great place to be.

What’s your favorite thing about Tumblr?

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