Honestly, there’s too much good stuff happening on Twitter to keep up with it all. Luckily there are plenty of compilations out there of some of the best stuff that floats to the surface. Twitter itself has stated in the past that an astounding 500 million tweets are sent per day, and I’ve got like – an hour lunch break, so I need to be a little selective.

This particular round up features some of the latest funny tweets from the women of Twitter, across a broad spectrum of humor styles. Scroll through and have a laugh.

10. Coming to a house very near you


9. “funny”


8. Hey, we gotta protect ourselves

7. Kanye West ft. Kanye West

6. Why so relatable?

5. Disney+ probably won’t touch this

4. SO dirty…

3. Line up alphabetically by height

2. 4 Real


1. If the glove doesn’t fit…

Great, just 499,999,990 tweets to go and I’ll be all caught up for the day. I should probably hydrate.

Who are your favorite funny women to follow on Twitter?

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