You know what drives me nuts in movies?

That trope where there’s a big school play, or some other kind of live performance, and someone who’s been to like, no rehearsals or fittings or table reads or ANYTHING gets put in at the last minute, and somehow has not only a costume that fits, but is able to perform everything more or less perfectly.

As someone who has worked a lot in live theatre, the reality is that person would come out looking awkward, and if they were VERY SKILLED and an extremely good improviser, might be able to muddle their way through the scene half convincingly.

But that’s just my movie pet peeve. Let’s hear some others from Twitter!

10. The following

“Oh don’t mind him, he’s just a creeper.”

9. Beyond our means

Low income people in movies are somehow always rich.

8. Secret time

“Yanno, we should really do this more often, it’s lovely out here.”

7. Number one problem

Why do we not think of this?

6. The best laid plans

I mean, I guess texting exists, but even then, people usually say “I’ll text you the details.”

5. That blows

Walk off that head injury, you’ll be fine.

4. Beep boop!

I can understand this happening back when almost no one owned a computer, but now we literally all have them, and we KNOW they don’t make these noises.

3. The black spot

There is no normal coughing allowed in film.

2. Jump scare!

Those ghosts really know what they’re doing.

1. I’m late!

People in movies apparently have daily breakfast spreads that most of us would make the effort for *maybe* once a year if like, extended family was over for the holidays.

Get your crap together, Hollywood!

What tropes do you hate?

Tell us in the comments.