When you ask someone about their fantasies, usually the mind immediately goes to s*x. Which is strange, because we all fantasize about all kinds of things every day. Big things, small things, things we hope to experience one day, even things we know are physically impossible.

We’re all aware of our own inner life in that regard, but rarely get a peek into the minds of others.

That’s why it opened up such an interesting world when a Reddit user took to r/AskReddit to pose the question:

What’s your biggest (non sexual) fantasy?
byu/02K30C1 inAskReddit

There are nearly 15,000 comments, so, people were clearly more than eager to share what they imagined.

And the responses were pretty interesting.

10. Of course, there are fantasy fantasies.

I’d absolutely love to be a magical warrior with mystical companions and familiars, a dragon, and living in a magical world with magical creatures.

Biggest fantasy since 3rd grade.
– DragonsWY

9. Some a little more within reach than others…

That I actually get to play DnD instead of DM.
– Bipolarbear69

8. Lots of people dream of moving to some special place.

Move to Ireland and live on one of those gorgeous country landscape, away from society.
– Nightknight

7. Many aspire to create, and hey, why not give it a try?

I’ve always wanted to have a popular webcomic.

I can make funny jokes (although not consistently) and I can draw to a reasonable standard but I don’t think I’m quite good enough to make stuff people would actually want to read.
– TannedCroissant

6. Some fantasies are…specific?

To run and dance naked under the sprinklers at a big broccoli ?farm.
– Bucketlist074

5. No reason not to hope for the very best.

I’ve been writing a book on and off for about 6 years now, my fantasy is to finish it and have it become a Hunger Games style hit with young adults then become a movie.
– Goosejugglers

4. It hurts my head a little when the fantasies get meta.

When I’m in the shower I like to imagine what it would be like to be famous and interviewed by Oprah.

Oprah would ask if I always thought I would be famous and I would answer that I would stand in my shower thinking if I was ever famous I would be interviewed by Oprah.
– GoodFellaGotEm

3. A lot of these are totally obtainable, if a little dangerous to the stomach.

I am in NYC, I eat a slice of pizza from every pizza shop in the 5 boroughs. EVERY ONE. All in a single day.

From this I have no ill effects and feel perfectly fine the next day, which is steak day.

This is where I eat a steak from every steak restaurant in NYC.

From this I have no ill effects and I’m ready to wake up to bagel day.
– davewtameloncamp

2. Everybody wants to start again sometimes.

Sometimes I have this fantasy of packing up my things, getting in my car, and driving somewhere else and starting my life over.


1. And some fantasies we can all relate to right now…

Fuck man I just want a hug.
– JustAPerson13

I think I’d take a little piece of each of these right now. Except maybe the broccoli farm. I’m more of an avocado guy.

What’s your biggest non-s*xual fantasy?

Let’s share in the comments.