Have you heard about “finstagram?” It’s not exactly a new term – it’s been floating around for a few years. But its connotations and implications certainly seem to have shifted around and expanded.

At its most basic root, a finstagram is just a secondary Instagram account. People open them for all kinds of reasons, ranging from privacy to sneakiness to all kinds of other shenanigans.

Here are ten ideas for how you (or…someone naughtier than you) mind use a finstagram account.

10. To be super extra

Why would you get mad about being left out of this?

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9. “Being a hoe”

This…takes a lot of turns I was not prepared for.

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8. Making your ex jealous

Was this the plan all along?

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7. Drop some hints

Maybe it’s time to be a little more straight forward.

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6. F*** the police

I think at this point that’s the sort of thing that’s gonna be pretty tough and needless to prosecute.

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5. Scare your crush

Whoa dude, what did you do?

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4. Get into drama

Anywhere on the internet is pretty good for that.

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3. Hide from your parents

Darn those sneaky kids and their tech savvy ways.

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2. Express yourself

Back in my day we just called this a diary.

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1. Improve your life!

Somehow! Maybe!

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And now that you’ve heard its many uses, do you think you’ll get a finstagram? Considering I never even use my regular account, I’m probably gonna pass.

Have you had experiences with finsta?

Tell us about them in the comments.