Breaking up is hard. No matter the circumstances, it can cause you to act out emotionally and do some stuff you may regret later.

These people can recall the crazy thing they did after a break up that they really wish they didn’t do today. From words they can’t take back to items they’ve caused damage to, these confessions are REAL.

Here are 11 stories that will leave you cringing!

1. Yeah, that’s a tough one.

Stay off those cars, fam!

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2. Well, that’s ONE way to say you’re angry.

My cat also does this, so… yeah…

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3. You should actually go to jail.

Seriously. This isn’t cool. No wonder he left you, psycho.

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4. Hmmmm…. what a bummer.

But yeah, young people do dumb stuff. For sure.

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5. Oh. My. F**king. God.

I can’t believe you did this. Wow. Cringe.

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6. He doesn’t need to explain.

But you keep on talking, kid.

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7. You’re surprised by this?

Folks, keep your clothes on. Seriously.

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8. Whoa… you didn’t?

Yeah, you actually did. Good lord.

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9. Did you really do that on accident?

I’m having my doubts.

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10. You know what’s also awkward?


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11. You should have just poked the holes AND not left the note.

That would have been hilarious.

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Have you ever gone through a breakup? Have a story to share?

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