I think if I had to name a favorite movie villain, as cliche as it sounds, The Joker would definitely be up there.

But even though that character has had several masterful performances by legendary actors, there’s always been a take on the Joker I’ve wanted to see but have never had realized on the screen.

What if he were just like…doin’ jokes all the time. Not big plans, not terrible chaos, just dad crap. That is honestly a movie I would watch all day every day.

And for a script treatment, I present these examples:

10. Playing hard to get

Ironically, the gift is a big hammer.

Each year my brother and I compete to give the hardest to open birthday gift. This year I’ve wrapped his gift in concrete from funny

9. Making the cut

It won’t take you long to suss out the location with this baby.

Hand sanitizer found at my chiropractor’s office. from funny

8. #Petty

I scream, you scream, we all scream for revolution.

This manager just doesn’t care anymore from funny

7. How very noble

I gotta get in on this industry – how hard can it be to write these?

Romance display at my local Barnes & Nobles. I probably laughed too loud. from funny

6. Go toward the lite

As well he should. As well. He. Should.

I think he made his point very clear from funny

5. Graphic design is my passion

This is how you instill confidence in your team.

The sign on my husbands graphic design department from funny

4. Water, water everywhere

These kids are really going places.

My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. Buncha comedians in my house… from funny

3. The finer things

That is a fantastic bit right there.

A sign outside a off strip casino in Las Vegas…talk about pulling a Ferris. from funny

2. Clink around

Probably only like half as annoying though.

Glass bottle recycling truck in my home town from funny

1. Go, go, go

When I played soccer in high school the other teams would chant “FIGHT, WIN, PREVAIL!” and we would chant “KILL, MAIM, DESTROY!”
We never won anything.

My mom got tired of me making fun of her “Live Laugh Love” sign and modified it. from funny

I’d watch a full length movie about that kind of thing, I think.

What’s the best joke you’ve been a part of lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.