If you’ve lived a good amount of years, there’s a chance you’ve been on your fair share of dates. If you’re someone who was single into their thirties (or beyond), and spent some of that time dating online, there’s a great change you know just how rare a good (or great) date can be.

These 10 people have some fantastic memories of dates – whether they were first, last, or somewhere in the middle – and they prove that it really is all about who you’re with (I think).

10. This sounds…worrisome.

At least it does to this older lady.

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9. Sometimes these things work out.

At least for a little while. You know never!

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8. Just a moment in time.

But one they’ll never forget.

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7. It’s like something out of a movie!

You definitely don’t let that guy go without a fight.

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6. Breaking the law together. Aww.

A little Bonnie and Clyde.

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5. That sounds like so much fun.

Like being a teenager all over again.

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4. Of course it was worth it.

He had the pleasure of your company if nothing else.

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3. It’s important to have things in common.

Even if they’re creepy and slightly dangerous.

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2. Doing stupid stuff together is key.

There’s a good amount of life together that qualifies.

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1. Just hold onto the memory of the date.

Let the rest of it go.

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These set the bar pretty high, but just for being able to connect with your date, right?

What’s the best date you ever went on? Let us know in the comments what made it memorable; we’d love to hear about it!