Everyone is looking for new and fun ways to entertain themselves these days, and sure, some of them turn out to be more entertaining than others.

That said, anything Jimmy Fallon asks for, Jimmy Fallon gets – and these 10 people hilariously nailed his challenge to “quarantineabook.

10. Only 50? Seems like more.

It’s just as painful as those books, too.

9. It’s a whole lot nicer than my place, I can tell you that.

My place is being constantly trashed by two kids and a puppy.

8. This is the story of all of us.

Who knew you could spend so much money on groceries?

7. I feel this to the depths of my soul.

Especially her hair and makeup “choices.”

6. This sounds like something sort of dirty.

But hopefully not covered in germs.

5. We’re getting to the point of less love and more eating.

The praying is definitely increasing, though.

4. I refuse to feel guilty.

They’re alive, aren’t they? What more do you want?

3. It’s currently tolling for all of us.

Who ever heard of Zoom before all of this happened?

2. Some people just have to go above and beyond.

I mean. I appreciate it, though.

1. They are clearly gifts from god, however.

But sure I am the devil that’s fine.

I wish I could be so clever, don’t you?

If you are that clever, maybe post your effort in the comments!