While the lunar eclipse may have passed, you can still celebrate the Super Blood Wolf Moon on your own…with a toilet paper roll and your face.

Recently, r/JokeInks posted this photo on Reddit inviting others to join in on the fun.

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/JokeInks

Here are the best moon selfies!

10. Mean Moon

9. Full Moon

 8. Pensive Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/laurasaurus

7. Sleepy Moon

6. Happy Moon

5. Orbiting moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/Aeolyon

4. 246 days of Moon

3. Thoughtful Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/flashmanMRP

2. Mustache Moon

Photo Credit: Wokesloth.com

1. Grumpy Moon

Photo Credit: Wokesloth.com

Go on and try it. You know you want to!