Behold – the power of memes.

Just a little bit of text and some random pictures can transform your entire mindset for a brief moment.

They can transport you to a different world – the world of memes, where life is dank, and troubles are laughed at, because everything is laughed at, because memes.

Come travel with me into this mystical land with these ten landmarks of the Random Meme Kingdom (memedom?).

10. Little stinker

Cat’s got your everything.

9. Eight rules, nine lives

I am Jack’s hissing furry rage.

8. Wubba-lubba Dub Dub

The new season is getting out of control.

7. Can’t take the heat

We’d like to have a word with the proprietor of this establishment, please.

6. Spooky skip-ahead

Lol like we’re even gonna have Halloween this year.

5. Now hear this

Tina’s got the sass to fill a room.

4. It is your birthday

This is a cake. We offer celebration.

3. Super sweet

I’m not even gonna comment on this one. You can’t make me.

2. Fall into it

Call me when the sun goes away and the leaves do their pretty death thing.

1. Nothing but the tooth

Kid’s gonna grow up to be the most cut-throat lawyer in the tri-state area.

What a wonderful journey we’ve been on together. Come back again sometime soon, we have more treasures from the land of meme to share!

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

Tell us in the comments.