Tumblr is a wonderfully strange place filled with the kind of people who generally get insanely passionate about a few specific things. The result is a series of beautifully, hilariously idiosyncratic posts that the rest of us get to scroll through and admire. It’s like listening in on a great conversation between people who have smoked just enough of the devil’s lettuce.

Take these 10 random examples, for instance.

10. Through a mirror darkly

Ironically enough, I didn’t see this coming.


9. My biggest fan

I want to see this happen but I also don’t want to experience it.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

8. Middle Earth numerology

Did you know that NUMBERS are THINGS that you can MOVE AROUND?


7. I’ll eat you up, I love you so

I do threaten to lovingly kill my cat about 50 times a day…


6. Bodacious botany

Is nobody even going to comment on the use of the word “blow” in this post?


5. Take a chill pill

This is why these are prescription, kids.


4. Cutest fruitest

Now here’s something adorable we CAN eat.


3. Giddyup

This town ain’t big enough for the both of our mystical prowess, partner.


2. Anticipation

“Hey where I can find some suspense?” “Oh, aisle 10.”


1. Flair

“Thanks, I hate it.” – Jesus, probably


Here’s a salute to all the strange denizens of Tumblr, blessing us with their odd thoughts and observations. The internet, and by extension the world, wouldn’t be the same without you. Although, I am going to need to book a therapy session or two in order to unsee that Jesus mii.

What’s your favorite Tumblr post you’ve ever seen?

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