There are some people who truly just don’t care for sex. They don’t have a drive for it, they don’t have an interest in it, and they’re probably way less distractible than me.

But that’s a fairly straightforward thing to understand. What’s a little more nuanced are the folks who LIKE sex, but not ALL of it. There are more people out there than you might think who – regardless of gender – just don’t like foreplay. They want to get right to the act itself and skip all the rest of it.

But why do they feel that way? Here are 10 anonymously submitted opinions from those who’d really rather not start with an appetizer.

10. Believe it or not

“Force it on me” is never a comfortable thing to hear when discussing sex…

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9. Get in

He’s probably happy to oblige?

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8. To the finish line

It sounds like maybe you just don’t actually want to be having sex.

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7. Turn off

Damn,  that’s literally the opposite of the intended effect.

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6. The act

You should tell ’em.

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5. Meant to be

I don’t know about that conclusion, but you do you.

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4. No touchy

I’m not sure how sex without touching works but I think I get what you’re saying.

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3. Quid pro quo

“I hate foreplay when it’s on me.”

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2. On again off again

How quicky is too quicky?

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1. The dance

The second line of this sounds like a Panic! At the Disco lyric.

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Obviously, when it comes to sex, to each their own. Just make sure you’re really communicating if something about it is bothering you. You’ll both be happier you did!

How do you feel about foreplay?

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