The word “smol” hasn’t made it into Merriam Webster yet (or my spellcheck, apparently), but it does get a little page on, which defines it as “an affectionate way of saying someone or something is small in size.” And as Newton’s fourth law of physics probably states, “small things are cute.”

I don’t know, I sort of failed physics.

The point is, language is finally getting nearer to expressing just how squeefully wonderful it is to gaze upon creates of tiny adorableness, and that’s a good thing.

Here are 10 smol animals from around the internet that will make you want to go out and adopt everything immediately.

10. Did Rodin sculpt any rodents?

Day 14 of quarantine: Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day to set up an art gallery for our gerbils.
byu/mariannabe ingerbil

9. Tiny paws of fury

Kittens playing with each other
byu/Ryiien inaww

8. Tell Sebastian I would die for him

Meet Sebastian
by inaww

7. This game is going swimmingly

Playing peekaboo with a yellow tang fish
byu/memezzer inaww

6. The influencer we need

My friend’s ferret is obsessed with her selfie stock which culminated in this delightful video.
byu/Balloon_Lady inaww

5. Destiny fulfilled

Indian palm squirrel in my Indian palm
byu/menderu inaww

4. Not EVERYTHING in Australia wants to kill you

Just a baby Wombat saying, “G’day from Australia, and stay safe!”
byu/PantsFreeSince2003 inaww

3. This chair ain’t big enough for the two of us

If it fits it sits
byu/just-ah-random-teen inaww

2. Chicks dig a nice skirt

Being Fancy
byu/al_ab inaww

1. The greatest imitators

I petted him so he petted me back
byu/soupmom inaww

And so our small list of smol good friendos comes to an end. These selections were all from r/aww, so, if you need more, there’s basically an endless supply over there. You’re welcome.

What’s your favorite kind of smol creature?

Tell us in the comments.