Face it: life is tough. And we’ve all got our ways of coping with that.

For most of us, a decent chunk of the coping comes in the form of writing up tweets that express and share our pain.

But, yanno, in an edgy, detached, funny way so we can get those likes.

Here are 10 tweets from those who are just doing their best to deal with it all.

10. Crumbling dreams

It always seems like it’s going to be such a simple treat…and then the landslides begin…


9. Cards against me

The echoing silence is louder than the harshest scream.

8. Astral aspirations

The nearest star is only 26 trillion miles away!

7. But we can FEEL it!

Religion is so f**king weird. Sorry, not sorry.

6. Dream jobs

Maybe you have lame dreams.


5. The little things

No matter what they take away from us, they’ll never have this.

4. Passage of time

How are we expected to deal with this kind of transformation?

3. Gotta hand it to ya

Cheers, thanks for that.

2. Expectations

We’re all the former and we can’t deal with it.

1. Customer service

Just because something is meaningless doesn’t mean you can’t let it wreck you.

All dark jokes aside, we hope you’re hanging in there. And you know, when it comes to ways to cope with pain and uncertainty, you could do a lot worse than sharing a laugh over some funny tweets for a while.

What have you been doing lately to keep your spirits up?

Share your techniques with us in the comments.