Look, pedantic, punny, true-in-the-dumbest-way dad-style jokes aren’t for everyone. But I think they’re for you. I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your style. I can see it in the fact that you clicked this link.

So, let’s not be embarrassed here. Let’s delve into these clever bits of nerdy wordplay and enjoy every second of it. I won’t tell.

10. This joke is a gas

9. Straight up hilarious

8. Safety first

7. Towering figures in the industry

6. Brain teaser

5. Was this a dare?

4. The good old days

3. Kids and their excuses

2. Calling Dr. House

1. They offer next day delivery?

There’s no shame in loving these jokes. There’s no shame in basing your entire identity off of them, if that’s your bag. Go forth. Be lame. You are not alone.

What’s your favorite joke like these?

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