There are all kinds of feelings that might be engendered by glancing at your phone. But maybe one of the most heart-stopping is when you have a look at a new alert and see that it’s a message from an old flame…a flame that really should have gone out a long time ago.

Maybe it gives you butterflies, maybe it makes you angry. Maybe it brings up pain. Sometimes it just feels like you’ve been contacted from beyond the grave by a ghost.

The important thing to remember if it all goes wrong is that you need to stay calm and screenshot this conversation to share it with the internet for the lols, like these people did.

10. Hands down

Chipotle brings everyone together.

9. Very Creepy Nick

Is that a description of the situation or is it just the guy’s name?

8. The cookbook

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

7. I lied

Methinks he doth slurrily protest too much.

6. Married guy

Buddy. Dude. Stop. Just stop.

5. Take it as a compliment

The big plot twist here is that they did NOT in fact remember the right number.

4. Holding back

Who deliberately makes their own fun time less fun?

3. New life

I am born again, and you are not a part of this.

2. Talk to the hand

Yeah, ok. We’ve been through this song and dance.

1. Stimulus

Pro tip: changing your address takes like 5 minutes, tops.

Best of luck out there. Stay safe from ex texts.

What’s the worst one you’ve ever received?

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