Ever heard the term “wage theft?” It’s real, and it’s a bigger problem than most people realize. Wage theft occurs basically every time an employer fails to pay something they owe by law. You might have had a job where, say, a manager tells you to clock out but then asks you to stick around and do something afterward. That’s wage theft, and there are lots more examples. Of the developed countries, it’s a particularly bad problem in America – so it’s not terribly surprising that many American employees shoot back with “Oh yeah? Well then I’ll waste your time.”

Here are ten confessions from employees who don’t quite behave when the boss isn’t looking.

11. Sweet revenge

How many can you take before they notice?

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10. Mild resistance

Fight the power (slightly)!

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9. Game on

Are we talking like solitaire or Call of Duty here?

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8. Catch rays, not flack

I’m sure your coworkers appreciate it?

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7. On the down low

The irony of working a job you don’t like is that you often are too busy to find another one.

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6. Blast it

You gotta fight for your right to party.

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5. Goals

If the goal is to be lazy, I’ll bet you’ll hit it quick.

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4. Light it up

Somebody’s about to make some real weird spreadsheets.

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3. Incognito mode

Wait, WHAT?

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2. Let it stream

Now this is what I call binge working.

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1. Cat napper

And this, we can only assume, is what pets do when we’re not looking.

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If you’re reading this at work, you should probably close it out now. Getting caught wasting time on this particular page would be a special kind of delicious, suspicious irony. Stay strong out there!

What do you do when your boss isn’t around?

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