Are you ready to get educated? Like REALLY educated?

Well, don’t go to a school. DEFINITELY not one of those universities where the teachers indoctrinate you in the ways of “knowing stuff” about “other people, cultures, and concepts.”

No no no. That’s not how we learn things. We learn things through memes and memes alone.

Here are today’s lessons.

10. The speed of light can be manipulated

Children have been working to crack this for centuries.

7. There are only four elements

And also humors and miasma, I think.

6. You can’t see John Cena

China sure can, though.

5. Every shut down is a little death

And you’re just doing what you have to do.

4. The limit does not exist

Some forms of piracy are justified.

3. There’s no winning this argument

This is how to make your kids stop taking you seriously in their adulthood.

2. There’s always another repair

The horrible thing for me is that I never know when it’s serious and when they’re just trying to bilk me.

1. We all get 15 minutes of fame

And we have no idea what to do with it.

There, don’t you feel more educated now? You’ve basically got a PHD. Which of course stands for Pretty Hot Dude. I think. I don’t know, I never went to school, I learned everything from memes.

What’s the most important thing a meme ever taught you?

Tell us in the comments.