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If there’s one thing that Ellen DeGeneres has proven she’s good at, it’s speaking her mind and telling people how she really feels.

And she’s so bright and so funny that her clapbacks are ON POINT and make whoever she’s calling at feel really dumb. Which is the whole point!

So let’s take a look at some examples of Ellen bringing the heat!

1. Not in the “Deep State.”

Photo Credit: NBC

2. Talking to Caitlyn Jenner because Jenner wasn’t on board with marriage equality.

“It’s funny, because you’re still not on board with [gay marriage]. Marriage is an important word because marriage is marriage, and equality is equality.”

3. On Howard Stern’s show about Caitlyn after that clash.

Photo Credit: NBC

4. When she banned Kim Burrell.

Photo Credit: NBC

5. Squaring off with John McCain.

6. Toe-to-toe with Kathy Griffin.

7. Not getting a divorce.

8. Sounding off on the President’s travel ban.

9. On the JCPenney controversy.

“This organization doesn’t think that I should be the spokesperson because I’m gay.

For those of you are just tuning in for the first time, it’s true. I’m gay. I hope you were sitting down. … Being gay or pro-gay isn’t a bandwagon. You don’t get a free ride anywhere.

There’s no music. … Occasionally we’ll sing “We Are Family,” but that’s about it.”

10. Responding to a pastor who said that DeGeneres was using Taylor Swift to “attract young girls.”

“The only way I’m trying to influence people is to be more kind and compassionate with one another.

I don’t have an agenda.”

Are you a big Ellen fan?

Tell us what you like about her and your favorite moments from her show, especially when she puts someone in their place.