There’s a subreddit you should absolutely not visit unless you want to cringe yourself into such a condensed state that you actually become a black hole and devour the solar system.

It’s called r/sadcringe and it is what it sounds like; user submitted cringe content that is sad.

That said, it’s also frequently really funny, as evidenced by some of the better text exchanges that get regularly get added to the gallery of failure.

Check out these examples of conversations that that did NOT go well.

10. Ready, aim, fired

This is the most compelling short story of a generation.

Yea just got fired no big deal. Wanna hangout though
byu/blackdeath29 insadcringe

9. *sweats A LOT*

Anime is not real life, my guy.

*cringe nervously*
by insadcringe

8. What a twist!

Your deductive powers know no bounds.

Damn feels bad.
byu/HardyHar420 insadcringe

7. For not your eyes only

…what exactly are you trying to pull off here and how did you fail at it so hard?

byu/alah123 insadcringe

6. Glub glub

Come on friend, there are other fish in the sea.

Smooth Operator
byu/Manamans insadcringe

5. Stonks are down

These are the wonders modern technology has brought us.

Found on reddit. Thought it belonged here
byu/thegirlwithtwoeyes insadcringe

4. Hell-no

Even if I wanted to talk to this person I wouldn’t because this is too entertaining.

Persistence is the key to success
byu/IamAithorusa insadcringe

3. Man hunt

I’m not sure this is the most efficient way to go about that.

by insadcringe

2. Night of the living dead

Yeah generally texting random numbers isn’t cute.

byu/roosking insadcringe

1. Trust issues

I feel like I know what’s going to be the first topic of discussion at that session.

Oh boy
byu/BSKD13 insadcringe

Looking at how terrible all those conversations went makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I work from home and don’t talk to people enough. Obviously, talking to people is dangerous. That’s the lesson here, for sure.

What’s the worst text exchange you’ve ever had?

Make us cringe in the comments.