I don’t care what anyone says, these are some very adorable Tumblr posts.

And hey, if you read these and you don’t think they’re very adorable, well, as I’ve said, I don’t care.

Actually, I take that back. I do care what you think. I’ll always care. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take any actions on your opinions.

What I’m saying is this… you can have opinions, I’ll consider them, I might not care about them… but I will respect them.

Fair deal?

Okay, let’s got.

1. Is that not the cutest thing ever?

That face be like, “Ohhh… I’m pregnant AF, right?”

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

2. Have you played this game in Chrome?

I’ve never made it past the first level. I’m horrible at games.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

3. Triplet surprise!

I like the energy in this crowd. That dad will thank his kids later for being hilarious.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

4. Now THAT is the real s**t

Read it all the way until the end. Give it some time. You’ll love it.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

5. Same same

I’m not really there. This is just a meat puppet filled with sadness.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

6. Hey, it could happen.

It’s not very likely, though.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

7. I have seen this secret society before

And those bunnies do not stand a chance.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

8. It all makes sense!

I love that these are back to back!

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

9. Pompous Arnulf

This had me absolutely rolling.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

10. It’s because we can’t see sh^t anymore tbh

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Photo Credit: reddit/Tumblr

Ok some of them weren’t technically “adorable”. But that isn’t important right now.

What IS important is what YOU think about these.

Let us know in the comments.