Imagine this scenario…

You weren’t planning on it, but you find out you’re preggers. Yep, it’s getting REAL.

Obviously, you’re filled with the mixed emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy, but you realize there’s another issue to work out.

Who is the father?

These 10 women share their struggles with not knowing who fathered their unborn baby.

1. That’s a good solution. Bravo.

More people doing adoption, please!

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2. Time to get a DNA test…

But, real talk… don’t try and get him to pay for it. You slept around.

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3. Protect. Your. Self.

I mean… ALWAYS having threesomes? Jeebus.

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4. Are you really laughing your a** off? REALLY?!?

I wouldn’t be laughing.

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5. Okay, well, it wasn’t any of the women…

Sounds like a fun way to get preggers, though!

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6. OMG. I’m so sorry to hear this!

Nobody deserves this. Ever.

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7. Well, it’s literally one of two people, so…

I think you can figure this one out.

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8. Again… it doesn’t seem like the pool of candidates is THAT big…

Get a DNA test. It shouldn’t be hard.

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9. Well, if you really want to be together, I bet he’ll forgive you… or accept this.

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10. That IS a weird month. Also kind of awesome. Not gonna lie.

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So kids… have you ever faced a similar situation? If so… what did you do??

Let us know in the comments! Because we love reading sh^t like that! 😀