What would any of us do without Tumblr? And before you say something reasonable like “Do real work,” or “Post our ramblings to a different site,” understand that it was a rhetorical question. Because there’s a special vibe about Tumblr. A specific aura. Sure, in theory you could find the same sorts of things elsewhere, but in practice, would you want to?

Here are ten posts that demonstrate what a wonderfully unique place Tumblr is to hang out.

10. Apples to apples

Life is full of little surprises.


9. Asked and answered

I can only aspire to this level of bone-shattering bravery.


8. Famous last words

If 2020 America has taught me anything it’s that people will, in fact, die just to flex on a doctor.


7. Do the rat thing

Their ways are as mysterious as their films are boring.


6. Thank God it’s fry day

Working customer service is just witnessing an ongoing Olympic event called “dumbest guy,” that nobody realizes they’re competing in.


5. A frail failure

And the gold medal goes to…


4. Curse of the invisible hand

True life is far more chilling than fiction.


3. Nun of your business

If you were a nun you wouldn’t be working around other people for very long.


2. What’s in a name?

If I have my way, all the miles will one day be kilometres, as God intended.


1. Deadly and delicate

I need to ax someone several questions about this.


Scour this big wide internet of ours all you want, you’re not likely to find this kind of eclectic collection anywhere but the weirdly magical land of Tumblr.

What’s your favorite kind of content to find there?

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